Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Distracted and Preoccupied!

I can't seem to keep my mind focused on anything but Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico and My daughter, Summer! Summer and I share a sixth sense and we can practically read each other's mind!
This morning, just as I finished a time of fervent prayer and said 'Amen' - my cell phone rang and it was Summer. She has been so good in sending updates throughout the day.

Early this afternoon, I decided to take my mind off the hurricane and hit up a couple of Goodwills in Waco. I drove the big white truck up to the gate, got out and unlocked it, drove through and then got out and locked it back up.

All this time I could see what I am supposing is a mother donkey and her baby playing together.
I rolled down my window and took the one and only photo of the day.
Everything seems to remind me of a mother and daughter.

I had just driven into Mart when Summer called.......I pulled into a parking lot and we visited for several minutes.
God had - in his infinite mercy - provided a safer place for them to stay.
It's a home built to hurricane standards and fully equipped with not one but TWO back up generators!
It was truly an answer to prayer!!

I continued to pray all the way to the first Goodwill on La Salle Dr.
Even though I walked up and down every isle there, I left without buying a thing.

On the next Goodwill on New Road.
Walked through the entire place without showing any interest in anything......
until I got to the books. I spent nearly an hour looking at all of them. I went systematically down every row. I ended up with an even dozen books which cost me $19 even with my senior citizens discount. I found some really good ones! I love a good book!

Louis Dean gave me a couple of errands and I was at Sam's buying a 120 foot water hose when Summer called me again to let me know the storm was approaching and the first outer bands had already arrived. They expect the most serious part of the hurricane to be ther by 8:00 AM and expect the storm to rage from 36 - 48 hours. It began at 3:00 this afternoon.
She said they would probably soon lose cell phone reception and, indeed, two sentences later - we lost connection. She was able to send out some text messages throughout the evening and I am grateful for every single one. She also sent photos and that helps me so much to see they are in a comfortable place with ample supplies. 

Sherry brought dinner down for us tonight! A big pot of spaghetti and meat sauce plus salad and garlic bread. When I get nervous, I eat a TON of carbs! It's like she KNEW!!

It's just after 9:00 tonight as I write and I am thinking about going to bed soon. Perhaps I can get lost in a book or play some Scrabble and Words With Friends until I can go to sleep.

A recent text from Summer said,  "It's going to be a long couple of days!"
Same here.
Thank you all for remembering my daughter and her family in prayer.

I'm praying for all of Puerto Rico .....and especially Summer and Sabrina and Rayne!