Monday, May 29, 2017

Celebrating Sunday!

We missed a few Sundays while we were at the ranch so it felt really good to be back in church today! We were even on time!!!

After the service, Amber and Mike went down to get the quads from their classroom and I went in the Ladies room while Louis Dean waited on the bench right outside.

Well, everyone in the bathroom - and it was packed - started laughing because we could all hear the kids screaming "GRANDDAD!!!" as soon as they saw him!! They made quite an uproar! To Kailey's credit, I did hear her say, "Where's MeeMAw?"

But we all know the big attraction is GRANDDAD!!!

Harrison took this pic!

It was an early birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.......

The quads will be 5 on Wednesday......
and Amber's birthday is June 6th!

Louis Dean was a happy camper!
He ordered a 16 oz steak!!!
However, he brought some of it home and finished it off tonight.

We have so much to be thankful for!
 We came home and they went back to Quadville.
It came a terrible rainstorm on our way back to Irving. I had planned on going to the grocery store but decided to take a nap first.

In the late afternoon, Amber and Mike brought the kids over to spend the night!
We are getting an early start to our Quad Monday!

Kailey got a guitar with some birthday money and was anxious to show it off to her Granddad!!
I know that's Logan holding it but the kids are so fast I can't catch a scene before it changes!

Amber said they all packed their own bags!!

We had a game of croquet in the front yard.

They take the game seriously!

Trystan has been on medication for her strep throat since Friday evening.
She never did get really sick. Just a fluke that the pediatrician caught it on her checkup!


Logan! They all have their own little stances!

It was time to tell Mama and Dada  goodbye!
Amber and Mike needed a little quiet time!


Bye!!!! BYE!!!!

We stayed out in the front for a few more hours.
Granddad rested, Harrison brought his Matchbox cars out and the girls had a tea party while I worked in the flower beds. The girls helped me by cutting the roses and Kailey snipped the grass around the walkway while Harrison helped me pull weeds. 

It was time to come in!
Granddad loves Paw Patrol so they watched that while I cooked dinner.

It's been a wonderful day from start to finish.
Showers followed and while the girls took theirs, Louis Dean worked with Harrison on his cursive. 
He is such a ready learner!!

I'm sitting up in bed as i write tonight and when I click Publish - I'm turning the light out an going to sleep. Louis Dean bedded all the kids down in the den where they take their naps. They are used to sleeping there and will probably sleep better than all of us crowded into two bed. LD is sleeping in his recliner.

As is our custom, I set out snacks for when the kids wake up.
Fruit snacks and packages of crackers/cookies/granola bars.
I told them if they wake up before I do, they can go in the guest room and play - but it can't be before the sun comes up!!